Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy

The Group Personal Accident (GPA) insurance policy covers all registered local students of UTAR (the insured persons) in both Kampar Campus and Sungai Long Campus.

The scope of cover of this insurance is against accidents due to violent, external and visible resulting in death or permanent disablement with the coverage as follows: Territorial limit: Worldwide

It is hereby declared and agreed that this insurance will not be prejudiced by any inadvertent delays, errors and omission in notifying the Company of any circumstances or event giving rise or likely to give rise to a claim that under this Policy, provided that notice be given to the Company immediately upon such occurrence coming to the knowledge of the Insured but not later than 14 days from the date of the occurrence.
GPA Insurance Claim by
UTAR Local Students UTAR local students are advised to inform DSA immediately in the case of any accidents and to *submit their GPA insurance claim to DSA based on the types of accident cases below. 
Note*: Students are reminded to settle any outstanding payment first for DSA to process the claims. The claim process depends on case by case basis, as per requested by insurance company. Additional documents other than the ones listed in each case link below may be required, if necessary, to process the claim.
    General Injuries
Details Here
Road Accident Injuries
Details Here
Details Here

Contact us for assistance:
dsa@utar.edu.my   05-4688888   016-2100864

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For any assistance, please contact:
DSA Officer 1: Mr. Khor Chien Yen (05-4688888 ext:2280) email: khorcy@utar.edu.my
DSA Officer 2: Ms. Chai Lai San (05-4688888 ext: 2280) email: chails@utar.edu.my

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