1.Keep your own Belonging Safe

Dear students, recently there have been many break in cases in the Kampar area and most of the victims were UTAR students. While preparing for your exam, we advise all students always to take the necessary precautionary actions such as to close the gates and doors of your house and not to leave any valuable things unattended. Thank you.

Department of Student Affairs 29/4/16

2.Notice on Access During Security Hours

The University is very concern of the safety and security of students, staff members and its assets especially during non office hours, Sundays and Public Holidays. Enhanced security precautions would be taken during these times.

Referring to University Security Policy and Procedures (POL/DSS-003) and University Access Policy and Procedures (POL/DSS-001), no one is allowed access into the University during 'security hours' except with written approval from the HoD or Supervisor. The security hours defined as:

1. Hours between 10.30 pm to 7.00 am from Mondays to Fridays;
2. Hours between 7.00 pm to 7.00 am on Saturdays;
3. 24 hours for Sundays and Public Holidays. All respective Departments, Divisions and Faculties must inform the Department of Safety and Security (DSS) of any event or function during these times involving their students or staff members. The required information is as follows:
  1.  Date and duration
  2.  Venue
  3.  Name(s) staff or students and Faculty/Division/Department
  4.  Vehicle Details (if applicable) Kindly abide by this guideline so that the safety and security of those involved in any activities or events during security hours can be monitored by DSS and immediate action can be taken in case of any emergency. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.
Thank you Department of Safety and Security – Kampar Campus 7 May 2015

3. Injury/Sudden Illness Reporting Procedures

Who to contact in case of emergency?

1.1 During Office Hours 

 All incidents/accidentsrelated injuries/sudden illness occurring in the University campus/event must be immediately reported to the office of Department of Safety and Security (DSS). The staff of DSS will make all necessary referrals to ensure prompt treatment for the injury, including arrangement for transport of the injured person.

DSS staff is to contact first aiders in DSS / those closest to the place of the incident/accident to render first aid and to prepare the person for transport to the nearest hospital/clinic for medical attention.

DSS is to ensure updated DSS office extension numbers, list of First Aiders and contact numbers and other emergency numbers are placed at the strategic area of every Faculty and Department General Office and in OSH material linked to UTAR main webpage.)

If the person who is injured/ill is conscious, he should be warned not to move until a first aider has attended to him. This person should be warned not to exert himself and, if appropriate, should be moved to a safe area.

If the wounded person is immobile and unconscious, arrangement should be made to transport him to the nearest clinic / hospital.

1.2 After Office Hours

In case of any incident/accident related injuries/sudden illness occurring in the University campus/event venues, either:

(a) Call the Emergency number which is updated and notice placed at every floor of each building by DSS or

(b) Call for the nearest security guard to contact security officer/supervisor on duty.

(c) The security officer/supervisor on duty will make all necessary referrals to ensure prompt treatment for the injury, including arrangement for transport of the injured person.

(d) DSS staff is to ensure all the updated emergency numbers, first aiders’ names and contact numbers and security offices’ extension numbers are made available at the strategic areas of the campus / event venue.

4.Beware of
Robbery during Examination Period

Dear students, Recently there have been many break in cases in the Kampar area and most of the victims were UTAR students. 

While preparing for your exam, we advise all students always to take the necessary precautionary actions such as to close the gates and doors of your house and not to leave any valuable things unattended. Thank you.

Department of Student Affairs 29/4/16

5.Traffic Rules and Regulation

Dear students, when using any kind of vehicles in the campus or outside of the campus, please be reminded that you MUST always follow the traffic rules and regulations. This is for your own and the public safety. Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Department of Student Affairs 24/3/16

6. Road Safety Reminder

Under UTAR Parking and Traffic Regulations, all campus users must adhere to the University regulations at all times to promote road safety awareness. Kindly refer to our Parking and Traffic Regulations in student portal under rules & regulations.

Department of Safety & Security Kampar Campus 24/5/19

7. Personal Safety Tips

The following personal safety tips are designed to help you to be more aware of your surroundings, and to help protect yourself by taking step towards crime prevention. 

Be aware of your surroundings. If you feel uncomfortable with a person or situation, or if you see something suspicious, do not hesitate to call the police.

Walk with a friend to campus is better than walking alone. If you walk alone make sure you look at the surroundings and always be on the alert. Do not use shortcuts.

Vehicle Safety
Make sure you have your keys ready when approaching your car. Look under and around as you approach your car. Look inside your car before getting in, carefully checking the back seat area. Immediately lock your doors once you are inside the vehicle. Do not place your valuables items on the front passenger seat. Always keep your car locked. 

Home Safety
Always lock the doors and windows of your house. Close curtains at night.

When someone knocks on your door, check first before opening the door. Open the door only if you know the person. If the person claims to be contractor/utility staff and you were not expecting that person, open the door only after verifying (with your landlord or the company the person works for) the reason for the visit.

If you come home and find a door or window open unexpectedly, you are advised not to enter your house and immediately call the police. If you notice a suspicious person/s near your residence, do not hesitate to call the police. Thank you

Department of Student Affairs Sungai Long and Kampar Campuses 14/6/2016

8. Beware of Snatch Theft

1. Always move in a group and never be alone when traveling along the above road 
2. Never to leave their bags containing valuables in the vehicle basket of the bicycles 
3. Be wary of stranger, on a motorcycle whose modus operandi is to come from the rear and help himself of any bags containing valuables that is kept in the bicycle basket. 

Remember crime prevention is your personal responsibility.
Department of Safety and Security, Kampar Campus.
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2009

9. Reminder from Kampar Police

The Kampar Police wish to send the following reminder to those who will be away for the long Chinese New Year holidays and wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year!!! 
1. Ensure your house is locked before going back to your home town. 
2. Inform the Police if you intend to leave your house. 
3. Do not leave any sign that you are not at home. 
4. Change your rented house padlock. 
5. Bring along your valuable items when you are going back to your home town. 
6. You can leave your vehicles at the Kampar Police Station if you are going back to hometown with public transport. 

For further information, please call 05-4652222/05-4650020 ext 3714 Thank you. 
Department of Student Affairs(Kampar Campus)

10. Notice on Car Theft Prevention

Car theft can be greatly reduced with a few simple precautions:
  • Always Lock your Car! Ensure roll up the window and keep the car locked at all times, even if it’s parked on your property or inside campus.
  • Don’t Leave Valuables on Display in the Car! Never leave valuables in plain view, even if your car is locked. Put them in the trunk or at least out of sight. Sensible Parking! Park where passers-by may serve as a deterrent to thieves. If you have a choice, don’t park at an intersection at the end of a line of parked cars. The car is thus vulnerable to towing by thieves. When parked at a curb, turn front wheels sharply toward curb.
  • Install Mechanical Device! Install a mechanical locking device that lock to the steering wheel or brake to prevent the wheel being turned more than a few degrees.
  • Invest in an Alarm System! Have an alarm system installed in your car, loud alarms will quickly deter car theft.

Following most of above advice will not cost you a penny, take very little time, and could save thousands of money.

The MOST important thing YOU can do is CALL THE POLICE OR UNIVERSITY SECURITY to report a CRIME or any SUSPICIOUS activity.

Thank you Department of Safety and Security-Kampar  12/03/2015

11. Direct Selling & Pyramid Scheme

It has come to our knowledge that there are recent efforts to recruit members for direct selling or pyramid schemes. People attending the recruitment sessions are asked to deposit money first and then recruit friends to join with promises of good return on investment. 

The University strongly advise students and staff to be alert and to take extra care and not to participate in quick money making schemes which maybe illegal and you may lose your savings and investment. We also advises all students to focus on your studies and lead meaningful student lives.

Registrar Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2009 14:59:56 +0800 (MYT)

12. "Scratch & Win" Syndicates

The University has received reports from the Police Department that there are "Scratch and Win" syndicates operating at major cities in Malaysia. 
The syndicate members will ask you to scratch given coupons and you may win a prize or get discounted price to purchase luxurious items. Please be aware of such scams in which the "winner" will be asked to pay a certain sum to claim the prizes. 

You are advised to ignore those approaching you with this kind of tactic / scam. Please be alert always of strangers around you and do not communicate with them in any way. Thank you 

Department of Student Affairs Kampar and Sungai Long Campuses

13. Pokemon Go" Mobile Game Safely

The Department of Safety and Security (DSS) would like to advise all staff and students:
  1. Don't get so engrossed in the game that you lose awareness of what's happening around you. 
  2. Be cautious any time you share your location through GPS technology. 
  3. Be aware of your personal safety when out looking for Pokemon. 
  4. Watch where you are walking, be aware of your surroundings and do not walk out into roads without looking.
  5. Do not play the game and drive any vehicle or ride any personal mobility device at the same time. You cannot do both safely. 
  6. Do not trespass onto restricted areas and private properties. Do not take pictures of restricted areas. 
  7. Be aware that you are potentially sharing data with others; there could be potential criminals who may seek the opportunity to lure victims to their fake "Pokestops". 
  8. Never reveal your personal information and watch out for fake apps or cheat tools. Cyber criminals can access your personal data to commit fraud or hack into your phone with viruses and malware.

14. Safety at Home

KNOW THE RISK: Twice as many robberies happen in private homes or apartments/flats. Make sure all the doors and windows have good locks before you move in. 
LOCK IT UP: Half of all robberies happen on the spur of the moment through unlocked doors or windows. Always lock your door. ​ 
DON’T SHOW IT OFF: Make sure your TV, DVD, computer and other valuables can’t be seen from the window, and never leave cash lying around. ​ 
KEYS: Don’t leave spare keys outside in a flower pot or under the mat outside the front door. Keep house and car keys out of sight in the house. INSURANCE: The average cost of a house robbery is RM5000. Insurance is cheaper! At least get covered for your most valuable items like your computer, TV, stereo and bicycle etc. Keep lists of the brand, model and serial numbers of your electronic items to help police track them down if they are stolen. PERMANENT MARKERS: Use a permanent marker pen to mark your items with your university name and student ID number. They’re very cheap and easily available. 
HOLIDAYS: If you can’t take your valuables with you during the trimester breaks, arrange for them to be held in a secure storage or leave it with a friend. ​ SAFETY FIRST: If you see signs of a house break-in—like smashed windows or open doors—don’t go in. Go to a friend or neighbour’s house and call the police. Thank you

Department of Student Affairs Sungai Long and Kampar Campuses 14/6/2016

15. Bicycle and E-bike Safety Rules

  1. Fix head lights and tail reflectors.
  2. Always obey traffic rules and signs.
  3. Use hand signals before crossing the street and when making a turn.
  4. Before you cross the street, look right, then left, and right again.
  5. When you ride in the streets always ride along the traffic and stay close to the curb.
  6. Always wear something reflective so others can see you.
  7. Keep alert at all times; watch out for potholes, parked cars and anything else that will get in your way.
  8. Keep your bicycles in good condition.
  9. Do not use the mobile phones while cycling.
  10. Do not hold on to another vehicle while cycling.
  11. Do not ride two or more abreast.

16. Procedures on Handling Sexual Misconduct Cases Involving Student

Dear UTAR students, 

No one deserves or asks to be sexually harassed, and it has always been the University's practice to provide students with an educational and study environment that is free from sexual misconduct. 

In view of this, these procedures serve as a reference by the University to promote awareness of sexual harassment, and to encourage students to promptly report incidents of sexual misconduct. Any complaints on sexual misconduct (COSM) shall be directed to the Department of Student Affairs (DSA) through any one of these channels: 

  •  DSA Email, Kampar Campus: cosm.kpr@utar.edu.my 
  •  DSA Email, Sungai Long Campus: cosm.sl@utar.edu.my 
  •  DSA Hotline, Kampar Campus: 016-2100864 (24 hours) 
  •  DSA Hotline, Sungai Long Campus: 016-2100862 (24 hours) 
  •  Visit the Department of Student Affairs Offices in Sg Long or Kampar. 
  •  Send complaint/feedback via the online feedback system. 
Please refer to the attachment for information and details.  Procedures on Handling Sexual Misconduct Cases Involving Student

[Update 15/4/24]
Please take note that students who are in breach of any university rules and regulations will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include a combination of penalties listed under Rule XX. These penalties may include, but are not limited to, suspension, termination, compulsory counseling, issuance of reprimand letter and various directives as determined by the disciplinary authority if the student is found guilty.

Students are reminded that sexual misconduct can lead to criminal charges and civil lawsuits under the laws of Malaysia.

Thank you. 
Department of Student Affairs Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman