Frequently Asked Questions

Student Services

1.How do I get my E-Temporary Pass / Permanent Student ID card?

Once you have paid your tuition fees, you can access the student portal at https://portal.utar.edu.my/loginPageV2.jsp?catid=00 within the designated timeframe to download your e-temporary pass. This pass can serve as your identification for a limited period until your permanent student ID is available for collection. The return and collection point depends on your current academic programme:

Academic Programme

Collection Point
Sungai Long
i.  Foundation Studies and Full-Time Undergraduate Studies
Respective Centre / Faculty General Office / Institute counter during office hour (8.30am - 5.30pm)Location Map
ii. Part-Time Undergraduate Studies / English Enhancement Programme (EEP)
Centre for Extension Education (CEE) 

Block A, 
First Floor,
Heritage Building
Ground Floor, 
KB Block
iii. Postgraduate Studies
Institute for Postgraduate Studies (IPSR)
Level 10,
KB Block

You are required to have valid identification on campus at all times. The Department of Safety and Security (DSS) may take action if you are caught without your Student ID. 

For more information on Student ID, click HERE.

2.How to replace my Permanent Student ID card?

You are required to replace your student ID card in the following circumstances:

i) Lost CardReport to DSS immediately. If it is not found after 3 days, you MUST make an ID card replacement. The charges for Replacement of Permanent ID are as follows:
First time - RM 25.00
Second time - RM 50.00
Third time onwards - RM 75.00
Note: Should the loss be due to robbery, snatch theft or factors outside your control, a 50% discount may be given, provided with relevant documentation / evidence (e.g. police report)

ii) Expired CardReplacement of Permanent ID Card due to expire is subject to the charges scheme imposed by the University. You are required to pay for the charge of your ID card replacement at the Division of Finance (DFN).  

iii) Damaged Card - Once you have obtained the original yellow-coloured receipt, please show this receipt to the Centre for Multimedia Production and Services (CMPS) at your respective *campuses for the on-the-spot collection of your replacement ID card.

Notes for i, ii & iii: You are required to pay for the charge of your ID card replacement at the Division of Finance (DFN).
Once you have obtained the original yellow-coloured receipt, please show this receipt to the Centre for Multimedia Production and Services (CMPS) at your respective campus for the on-the-spot collection of your replacement ID card.

Kampar Campus:
A170, First Floor, Heritage Building
Sungai Long Campus:
KB1009, Level 10, KB Block

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3. Can I transfer my UTAR vehicle sticker to someone else?

All students vehicle stickers are NOT transferable.

4. What shall I do if my vehicle needs to be sent for repair?

  • If your car is under maintenance/ or sent for repairs, you are not allowed to transfer your sticker to another vehicle because the sticker belongs to the registered vehicle number only. 
  • Please come to DSA and obtain a temporary pass letter. The letter is only valid for 2 weeks. No second letter would be issued for the same student in each trimester. 
  • If you decide to change your vehicle, kindly renew your vehicle sticker for RM5.

5.Can I alter my UTAR vehicle sticker?

No. If you are caught altering your sticker, disciplinary action will be taken against you.

6.If my sticker is not written clearly/accidentally rubbed off, can I re-write it by myself?

No. You need to bring it to DSA for amendments.

7.What should I do if I lose my car/motorcycle sticker? 

Submit a vehicle application form and write in a formal letter to DSA to request for a new sticker. RM5.00 will be charged for reissuing a new sticker.

8.What types of vehicle passes are available in UTAR? 

The available vehicle passes are Student Vehicle parking sticker, Night Pass (valid after 6pm), and Final Year Project Pass (only applicable to final year students who are currently doing research papers on science/engineering course subject to the recommendation of Supervisor and the approval of the Faculty Dean). These passes may be requested from the following departments:
Kampar Campus: Department of Student Affairs
Sungai Long Campus: Department of Safety and Security

9.What shall I do if I lose my personal item/s?

Please proceed to Department of Safety and Security to report your lost item. If it is found, you will be contacted accordingly.

10.Can I claim insurance if the accident were to happen during trimester break?

For UTAR local student, you may make an insurance claim even if the accident were to happen during trimester break (inside or outside UTAR), as the Group Personal Accident Insurance cover you 24-7 worldwide.

For international student of UTAR, you are covered under the AIA International Student Medical Insurance via Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) for outpatient, inpatient and hospitalization within Malaysia only.

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Clubs & Societies & Sports & Recreation

11.How do we start a club/society on campus?

NOTE: For information on club/societies and applying for recognition at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), please refer to Regulation XIV - Societies and Student Activities.

Application for Preliminary Registration of a Student Society
Pro-Tem Executive Committee List
Meeting Minutes Format
Notice of Meeting Format

All completed documents shall be submitted to the Student Affairs Committee (SAC) meeting for discussion and approval.

If the application for recognition is successful, a notice of recognition will be sent from Department of Student Affairs informing that the recognition has been approved.

12.How to write a club/society constitution?

The pro-tem committee needs to have a copy of the club/society's constitution that follows the guidelines provided as below:-

Constitution of UTAR Student Society (Course based)
Constitution of UTAR Student Society (Non-Course based)

13.How to get funding for club/society events?

- Fund-Raising from external organizations/authorities.
- Sponsorship (Monetary or Otherwise)

NOTE: Prior approval must be obtained from the Head of Student Affairs before any society can enter into any agreements/contracts, verbal or written, with any external organization.

14.How to write a sponsorship letter?

Sponsorship letters that follow the guidelines provided need to be vetted by the Languages and Linguistics lecturer. Sample of Sponsorship Letter

15.How can we advertise our club/society events?

- Request to post your event on the Department of Student Affairs' Facebook Page and Event Calendar.
- Post the event on your club/society website/Facebook.
- Send the details of your event out to your club/society via email/WhatsApp/messenger etc.
- Request to post your event on UTAR Portal.
- Host a booth or information table on campus to recruit members, highlight your club/society activities, and promote your events.

16.How to contact a DSA officer-in-charge?

Drop by our office at Department of Student Affairs during office hours and speak to our Clubs & Societies Unit / Sports and Recreations officers.

17.What is “Best Club & Society Award”?

The Best Club and Society Award shall be awarded to a club and society committee that has performed an excellent job within their elected term of service. The criteria to determine the Best Club and Society Award click HERE.

18.What is “Best Student Leader Award”?

The Best Student Leader Award is designed to reward those students who are committed to take on leadership positions that require a significant amount of time, energy, enthusiasm, effort, and thought. Students serving as chairperson or vice chairperson of a registered student club or society, university-sanctioned committee, committee of a university-wide project or activity (to be determined by DSA) or hold office in UTAR Student Representative Council are eligible to receive this award.

All student awards will be recommended by the Student Affairs Committee and forwarded to the UTAR Senior Management Committee for approval. The award would be given out during the UTAR Ball.

Award criteria click HERE.

Counselling & Guidance

19.Do you need to pay for counselling and guidance sessions?

No, all counselling services are free of charge.

20.Do I need to make an appointment with a counsellor?

Yes, you have to come to DSA Office, Monday to Friday from 8.30am-5.30pm, except weekends and Public Holiday(s), to make an appointment with your respective counsellor.

21. What can counselling help with?

No, counselling is for normal people for better self-understanding and life adjustment.

22.How can counselling help?

No, counselling is for those looking for better coping and personal development.

23.Is counselling service provided for disciplinary cases?

Yes, counselling service is provided for disciplinary cases and upon volunteerism, which are all strictly private and confidential.

24. Do I need to attend all the counselling sessions?

The number of counselling sessions is based on the client’s needs and on voluntary basis. It is fine to discuss with the counsellor the number of sessions you prefer as well as the point to terminate the session with prior notice.

25. Does CGU provide staff counselling?

Yes. Division of Human Resource (DHR) does have an established guideline on counselling services for UTAR staff. The staff that requires counselling services must be referred by DHR.