Welcome to the Department of Student Affairs, UTAR (Kampar Campus)

A place where we facilitate students' holistic wellness, foster their intellectual growth as well as enrich their personal development. We strive to give you the greatest experience to explore campus life.

Student Awards
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(updated 1 March 2024)
Bus Schedule January Intake 2024 Trimester
- Additional Bus Schedule for Midterm test 5-8 Mar 2024. (29/2/24)
- Bus Schedule January 2024 Trimester (Updated) (Effective from 19 Feb 2024 to 3 May 2024)
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(updated 29 Feb 2024)
UTAR E-Buggy Free Service
Daily from Mon to Fri
8.20am to 5.00pm
Pick Up Points
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(updated 19 Feb 2024)
Vehicle Sticker January 2024
Dates for application online
15 to 25 January 2024
Dates to obtain sticker @
Venue changed to Block A, 
A001 (Heritage Hall)
29 Jan to 2 Feb 2024
OR 19 to 21 Feb 2024
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(updated 30 Jan 2024)
Clubs and Societies Recruitment Drive January 2024
19 Feb 2024 to 3 March 2024 
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(updated 1 Jan 2024)
Orientation Programme
 (January Intake 2024)

Official Website Launch
Date: 9/1/24, 8.30am
An opportunity to connect you with us, and prepare you for academic and non academic student life. These sessions serve as an introduction to the University and its core services and functions.
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(updated 13 Jan 24)
Ride Wise, Ride Safe: Navigating Campus on Your E-Scooter with Caution! 
Guidelines are attached: 
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(updated 1 December 2023)
T&C Offer for UTARIAN 
Valid : 23/10/2023 until 31/12/2024
Venue: Traditional and Complementary Medicine Centre (T&CM)

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(updated 19 October 2023)
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(updated 11 May 2023)
Updated UTAR Dress Code for Students
Students are reminded to comply with UTAR Dress Code for Students as specified by the University when in Campus. 
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(updated 17 August 2022)
Silverlake-UTAR Sponsorship
We offer sponsorship for students preparing for student exchange, internship and study tours. Eligible applicants will have the opportunity to receive a cash sponsorship up to RM4,000! 
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(updated 18 August 2022)
OKU Parking System for UTAR Students
Prioritising the community in need.

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(updated 18 March 2022)
UTAR Financial Aid

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(updated 3 December 2021)

Student Wellness

We provide a variety of facilities and services to fullfil the needs of students.

  • You can enjoy local delicacies foods and drinks with affordable price. It covers from local Malay, Chinese, Indian foods and also Vegetarian.

  • We offer a wide variety of recreational, instructional and fitness facilities from which the university community may choose.

  • Find information on UTAR bus shuttle service, pickup service for East Malaysian and student's vehicle sticker/pass.

  • Are you looking for a room. There are various types of accommodation available in the surrounding area of Kampar new town, ranging from soho unit, house and apartment.

Student Counselling
& Support

We offer free counselling and support for all UTAR students in a safe and confidential environment.

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Health & Services

All UTAR local students are covered by a group personal accident policy. 
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Medical Facilities around Kampar campus

Student Engagement

We provide an ideal campus environment that offers with non-academic experiences to facilitate holistic student development through a set of co-curricular activities and community service. In addition to promote other aspects of students’ growth as people who are growing and maturing emotionally and morally in their knowledge base, thinking abilities and skills

Extra curricular activities

"The quality of Life is determind by its activities."
- Aristotle

We offer a broad range of exciting extra curricular clubs & activities. The aim is to help students to develop their leadership skills and team spirits

Student Conference
This international student conference is open for local and international students from all around the world.
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Student Mobility Programme
We offers various types of mobility programs which allows students to go abroad and join academic programs in oversea universities.
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Student Awards
Strive for excellence beyond academics. See how we award our students for their achievements and our past award winners.
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Latest news, student conduct & campus safety

Everyone plays a role in knowing the current student representative council; following campus rules & regulation and student code of conduct; making campus a safe and welcoming place